Design by AO (AO) focusing on tactics-driven designs, including Branding, Visual Identity, Product Package, Commercial Space, Printed Matter and providing all-round design solutions for client's appeal and cooperation, so as to express their hidden value in the systematic visual form clearly and visually.

In order to meet various possibilities of a project, AO team cooperates closely with experts in different areas, covering art, architecture, product, media and internet, to make the project a more multi-disciplinary one.




Young Ho, graphic designer, art director, member of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA). He founded AO in 2015, and helps their customers in the name of partner with his open and mingled design team.

The previous work has been awarded in many competitions such as TOKYO TDC, GDC, KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award, Taipei International Design Award, Award360° 100 Design of the Year, etc.

何欣航,平面设计师、艺术指导,深圳平面设计协会(SGDA)会员。2015年成立合伙人设计。作品曾在东京字体指导俱乐部(TOKYO TDC)、平面设计在中国(GDC)、靳埭强全球华人设计大赛(KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award)、台北设计奖、Award360°年度设计100等多项赛事中获赏。


KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award 2020 - Bronze Prize

靳埭强设计奖2020全球华人设计比赛 - 铜奖

Shenzhen Graphic Design Association Exhibition 2020-2021

深圳市平面设计协会展 2020-2021

The 16th Asia Pacific Design


Taipei International Design Award 2020 - Distinction

台北设计奖2020 - 优异赏

The 10th Hiiibrand International Brand Design Awards - Merit Award

第十届Hiiibrand国际品牌设计大赛 - 优异赏

Award360° 100 Design of the Year - Brand of the Year 2019

Award360° 年度设计100 - 2019年度品牌设计奖

KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award 2019 - Silver Prize

靳埭强设计奖2019全球华人设计比赛 - 银奖

GDC Award 2019 - Selected Award

平面设计在中国2019 - 优异赏

Designnova Awards International Innovation Design Competition 2019 - Bronze Prize

天鹤国际创新大赛2019 - 铜奖

Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2019 - Selected Award

TDC 东京字体指导俱乐部 - 优异赏

KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award 2018 - Gold Prize

靳埭强设计奖2018全球华人设计比赛 - 金奖


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