10th Anniversary of
A Tea Store

By sticking to the originality spirit of making tea with traditional technique, A Tea Store presents easy and natural taste which is the brand concept for the population enjoying tea, letting these guests feel that they return to mountain and forest, closing to the sky, rain, dew and soil through enjoying the tea.

Today when the brand has been founded for ten years, we promote the limited tea products named after "Ten", and designed its special graphic sign with modern sense of balance and simpleness, as well as the traditionally oriental beauty, specially for this anniversary, inspired by the characteristics of the Chinese character "十" and tree. In the aspect of visual image, complex decorative language is removed by Chinese-English format design, and logic arrangement of text messages, so that the information is more highlighted, consumers can clearly and directly touch the brand with heart upon seeing the design, stepping into the imaginary mountain and forest immediately.


有间茶铺 (A Tea Store) 一直秉承以传统技艺制作茶叶的匠心精神,让茶回归山林,接近天空、雨露和泥土,为饮茶之人奉上安心、自然的味道作为品牌理念。



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