Design by AO (AO) as a collaborative design team, firmly believes that the success of a project depends upon good relationship with clients and partners.

In the previous works, AO always keeps seeking innovation and uniqueness to make clients stand out rather than purely catering to their demands. As a result, AO has received consensual recognition from clients and won a lot of awards.

Design by AO focusing on strategy-driven design works, including Branding, Visual Identity, Campaign, Product Package, Commercial Space and providing all-round design solutions for client’s appeal and cooperation, so as to express their hidden value in the systematic visual form clearly and visually.

In order to tap possibilities of the project, AO team closely works with professionals in different fields, including art, space, products, media, and the Internet, to make its works more diverse.

合伙人设计(Design by AO)是一个协同合作的设计团队,他们深信项目的成功源于团队与客户及合作伙伴的良好关系。





Young Ho, graphic designer, art director, member of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA).

In 2015, “Design by AO” was founded to work with the customer team as a role similar to “partner” to help them cope with business or arts & humanities challenges and needs, clearly conveying information, emotion and value with design.

The previous work has been awarded in many competitions such as New York Art Directors Club, New York Type Directors Club, iF Design, Red Dot Design, Japan Typography Association, Tokyo Type Directors Club, GDC, KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award, HKDA Global Design Award, Golden Pin Design Award, Taipei International Design Award, Award360° 100, etc.

何欣航,平面设计师、艺术指导,SGDA 深圳平面设计协会成员。

2015 年成立 Design by AO 「合伙人设计」,以类似“合伙人”的身份作为客户团队中的合作者,帮助其所面临商业世界或人文环境中的挑战与需求。在双方密切合作下,利用设计的力量准确、清晰的传达信息、情感与价值。

其作品曾先后在美国 ADC 纽约国际艺术指导俱乐部、TDC 纽约字体指导俱乐部、德国 iF 设计、Red Dot 红点设计、日本 JTA 字体设计协会、Tokyo TDC 东京字体指导俱乐部、GDC 平面设计在中国、KTK 靳埭强全球华人设计奖、HKDA 香港设计师协会环球设计奖、Golden Pin 金点设计奖、TIDA 台北设计奖、Award360° 年度设计100 等多项赛事中获赏。


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ADC 101st Annual Awards - Silver Cube & Merit

第一百零一届美国纽约 ADC 年度设计大赏 - 银立方、优异赏

11th Founder Award - Jury Award & Excellent

第十一届方正设计奖 - 评审委员赏、优异赏

iF Design Award - Communication Design 2022

德国 iF 设计 - 2022 年度传达设计赏

68th New York Type Directors Club - Typographic Excellence

第六十八届美国纽约 TDC 字体指导俱乐部 - 年度卓越赏

Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2022 - Excellent

日本东京字体指导俱乐部 2022 - 卓越赏

Japan Typography Association 2022 Applied Typography - Judge’s Choice Award

日本字体设计协会 JTA 2022 - 审查委员赏

GDC Award 2021 - Silver Award

平面设计在中国 2021 - 银奖

HKDA Global Design Awards 2021 - Excellence

香港设计师协会环球设计奖 2021 - 卓越赏

Award360° 100 - Commercial Branding of the Year 2021

Award360° 年度设计100 - 2021 年度商业品牌设计赏

Golden Pin Dasign Award 2021 -
Nominations for the Best Design & Design Mark Winners

台湾金点设计奖 - 2021 年度最佳设计奖提名、金点设计标章

Red Dot Award - Brands & Communication Design 2021

德国红点设计 - 2021 年度品牌与传达设计赏

Asia Best Package Design Awards 2021 - Merit Award

亚洲最佳包装设计赏 2021 - 优异赏

The 11th Hiiibrand International Brand Design Awards - Merit Award

第十一届Hiiibrand国际品牌设计大赛 - 优异赏

KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award 2020 - Bronze Award

靳埭强设计奖 2020 全球华人设计比赛 - 铜奖

Shenzhen Graphic Design Association Exhibition 2020-2021

深圳市平面设计协会展 2020-2021

The 16th Asia Pacific Design


Taipei International Design Award 2020 - Distinction

台北设计奖 2020 - 优异赏

The 10th Hiiibrand International Brand Design Awards - Merit Award

第十届Hiiibrand国际品牌设计大赛 - 优异赏

Award360° 100 - Commercial Branding of the Year 2019

Award360° 年度设计100 - 2019 年度商业品牌设计赏

KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award 2019 - Silver Award

靳埭强设计奖 2019 全球华人设计比赛 - 银奖

GDC Award 2019 - Selected Award

平面设计在中国 2019 - 优异赏

Designnova Awards International Innovation Design Competition 2019 - Bronze Award

天鹤国际创新大赛 2019 - 铜奖

Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2019 - Selected Award

日本东京字体指导俱乐部 2019 - 优异赏

KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award 2018 - Gold Award

靳埭强设计奖 2018 全球华人设计比赛 - 金奖


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