A Lucky Year

“A Lucky Year” is a series of gift from hairdressing brand Mo Lifestyle Lab to celebrate the Pig year in 2019. The series will be released one by one at different periods of time throughout the year, in response to the good luck around the year.

Due to the characteristics of the project such as span of time and design diversity, we focus on how to build a “good luck” with systematic recognition and rich scalability to think about design.

Finally, we take the concept of brand refraction and the Chinese zodiac pig as a starting point to design a new year’s good luck drink and generate different visual images to meet different content requirements. Therefore, this visual “drink” has its own unique aesthetic taste, and enable the brand owner to continuously attract the attention of the audience throughout the year through the spread on social media.


“A Lucky Year 猪你好运” 是美发造型品牌 Mo Lifestyle Lab 以 2019 猪年为主题推出的年度系列礼品,并在全年不同的时间段逐一释出,以此呼应横跨全年的好运。

项目因其时间跨度和设计多样的特点,我们着重围绕如何建立一个具有系统识别性和丰富扩展性的 “好运” 来思考设计。

最终,我们以品牌的折射概念与生肖猪的图形作为切入点,设计出用以 “畅饮” 的祝你好运,将其生成各种不同的视觉画面以针对不同的内容需求。因此,这可视化的 “畅饮” 有了自己独特的审美趣味,并在社交媒体的传播下,让品牌方在全年持续引起受众的关注。


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