Bliss Fit

As a fitness brand positioned as health management and sports services, BlissFit hopes to offer the audience not only an elegant and comfortable sports experience environment, but also a perceptual lifestyle focusing on the return of the body to a healthy state.

The significance of its rebranding is to find a more suitable visual image to match the future development deployment of the brand, and establish a high-quality, unique and stable visual system through complete brand image design, so as to improve the use experience of the audience.

In the process of rebranding, we found that the founder of BlissFit has a unique and ultimate pursuit of the power of life given by sports. This pursuit is presented with BlissFit’s love of sports, and it is elegant and comfortable, healthy and pleasant, rigorous and delicate. Based on such keywords, we have constructed BlissFit’s brand values and run them through all aspects of the brand, including fonts, graphics, color, layout and picture rules are extended from offline to online mobile terminal experience. All touch points between the brand and the audience implement the values of BlissFit, so as to give full play to the unity of the brand image.

BlissFit 作为一个定位于健康管理与运动服务的健身品牌,希望带给受众不仅是一个优雅舒适的运动体验环境,更是一种关注于身体回归健康体态的感性生活方式。


在品牌升级的过程中,我们发现 BlissFit 的创始人对运动所赋予生命的力量有着一种独特而极致的追求,这种追求呈现于 BlissFit 对运动的热爱,是优雅舒适的、是健康愉悦的、亦是严谨细腻的,正是基于这样的关键词,我们构建了 BlissFit 的品牌价值观,并将其贯穿于品牌的各个方面,包括字体、图形、色彩、版式和图片规则等,从线下延展至线上移动端体验,品牌与受众的各个接触点都贯彻了 BlissFit 的价值观,以此将品牌形象的统一性发挥至极致。


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