Full Moon

By sticking to the originality spirit of making tea with traditional technique, A Tea Store presents easy and natural taste which is the brand concept for the population enjoying tea, letting these guests feel that they return to mountain and forest, closing to the sky, rain, dew and soil through enjoying the tea. Shopkeeper Pan, the manager of A Tea Store, has been in contact with tea since childhood, and has pursuit and understanding of the process and origin of tea making due to his love and enthusiasm of tea.

Shopkeeper Pan's white tea, with clean, sweet, apricot yellow soup color and warm soup style, is displayed layer by layer, with elegant but rich scent. A good tea, in addition to the original flavor in essence, will be better if the packaging vision can restore its authenticity constantly.

Full Moon Tea Gift Package contains three types of white tea produced in different years. We combine the meaning of full moon with the brand concept, outline the mountain scene under the full moon by cutting paper, and use concave convex technology to show its cleanliness and delicacy appropriate to white tea. The white tea of different years are packed in three separate cartons and placed in sequence. The boxes will also form a picture of the full moon on mountains and forests, with subtle aftertaste.

Nowadays, gifts on the market often reflect the sense of quality with complex packaging. We hope to abandon redundant elements and use design methods to present the texture and brand temperament of the tea gift.

With fascinating moons all over the mountains and forests, customers may feel an unconventional festival atmosphere upon receiving the tea gift. It seems simple, but delicate visually, elegant in details and texture.








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