INVINCIBLE is a Chinese brand dedicated to promoting the cultures of boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts, as well as the development of the relevant clothing products and merchandise. INVINCIBLE is also the first strategic affiliate authorized by the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu GFTeam in China, with Prof. Thyago Garatina, a black belt who is a direct disciple of Master Julio, the founder of GFTeam.

In the context that fitness is a way of life, INVINCIBLE hopes to bring about the fun of martial arts to the public while conveying the inner strength of fearlessness and challenging themselves through a variety of martial art courses.

Adhering to this methodology, we set the concept of "Fearless and Invincible" as the visual design concept of this new line of clothing. We drew the first letters "F" and "I" of “Fearless and Invincible” and the Chinese characters "勇" and "仁" in a more dynamic and modern style, and re-matched the two languages again in a form of mutual blending, This design with the language also extends from logo design to layout and packaging vision. Undoubtedly, the design conveys the brand's world view of cross integration between eastern and western cultures.

The project’s design strategy is comprehensive from conceptual conception, clothing, packaging, graphic and dynamic vision. This design is unique in the market where many competing products are dominated by western fonts. The project demonstrates a new standard with premium concepts in this highly competitive industry.


仁者无敌 INVINCIBLE 是一家致力于推广拳击、柔术等格斗运动文化及相关运动服饰产品研发的中国品牌,亦是巴西柔术学院 GFTeam 在中国首家授权的战略联盟,由 GFTeam 创始人胡里奥大师直系门徒黑带教授 Thyago Garatina 执教。

当健身运动成为一种积极的生活方式背景下,INVINCIBLE 希望通过提供多元而丰富的格斗运动体验,让大众能参与感受当代武者的乐趣和精神,同时传递无畏、直面自我的内在力量。

秉持这一理念,我们将“勇者无畏、仁者无敌”设定为这次品牌服饰新品的视觉设计概念,提取了西文 Fearless、Invincible 首写字母“F”、“I”与汉字“勇”、“仁”,以更具动感与现代气息的手写体进行绘制,并将两种文字语言重新匹配,通过相互交融的形式感贯穿其中,这种设计语言亦从标示设计延伸到版面布局、包装视觉,这无疑也暗合了品牌东西文化之间交叉共融的世界观。



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