INVINCIBLE is a Chinese brand dedicated to the promotion of fighting, Jiu-Jitsu and other fighting sports culture, as well as the development of the relevant clothing products.

In the context that fitness is a way of life, INVINCIBLE hopes to bring about the fun of martial arts to the public while conveying the inner strength of fearlessness and facing themselves by providing a variety of fighting sports courses. Accoridngly, we introdudce a design concept of visual image, with Chinese characters such as courage, benevolence, brave fearless, invincible benevolence as the design elements which run through English. It is presented by traditional and modern aesthetic graphic symbols, which undoubtedly coincides with the blending background of eastern and western cultures of the brand. Additionally, it is fully displayed in packaging vision. This design has attracted a lot of attentions by unique Latin alphabet as the mainstream vision of the market in many competitive products.



当健身运动成为一种生活方式的背景下,INVINCIBLE 仁者无敌希望通过提供多元的格斗运动课程,让大众体验武者乐趣的同时传递无畏、直面自我的内心力量。秉持这一理念,我们将其设定为视觉形象的设计概念,以勇、仁、勇者无畏、仁者无敌等汉字作为设计元素,与英文相互交融的形式贯穿其中,通过传统而具有现代审美气息的图形符号予以呈现,这无疑也暗合了品牌东西方文化的交融背景,并在包装视觉上得到充分展示。在众多竞争商品均以拉丁字母为主流视觉的市场中独树一帜,受到了广泛的瞩目。


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