GDC Award runs every other year to praise and recommend the best designs with an aim to encourage creative designers since its foundation in 1992. Attracting designers from all over the world, GDC developed from “a top design award among Chinese designers” to “one of the most important global design awards”.

In the occasion of the 30th anniversary of GDC Award, the organizing committee sincerely invites designers to create posters in a theme of "GDC Award 30 Years · Design for China's Future".

As far as I am concerned, the 30-year journey is a discussion about faith and moving forward.

In addition to professional ability and accomplishment to solve problems, designers also face the test and challenge of perseverance, physical strength and willpower needed in participating in triathlon. However, along with the pressure, design can also be interesting and fun. It is like a game that does not care about winning or losing. It is also a long-term and continuous progress.

Therefore, I substituted Triathlon into the theme poster design of GDC30, trying to match "30" to cycling, swimming and running through the language of graphic design, so that ordinary things can be interesting, with weakened excitement and tension of sports competitions, so as to strive to present a challenging and relaxed aesthetic perception.

In the context of COVID-19, we are all experiencing a period of hardship and loneliness. I hope that this 30-year "Triathlon" campaign can encourage us to keep moving forward and adhere to our own journey.


GDC 设计奖创立于1992年的中国深圳,每两年举办一次。自创立伊始,GDC 设计奖一直通过褒奖和推介最优秀的设计来激励富有创造性的设计师群体。GDC 设计奖吸引了来自全球各地的设计师参加,从 「全球华人最顶尖设计奖项」,正逐步迈向 「全球最重要设计奖项之一」。

为庆祝 GDC 设计奖三十年,GDC 设计奖组委会以 「GDC 设计奖三十年 · 影响中国未来的设计」 为主题策划了此次海报创作邀请展。



所以,在这次 GDC30 的主题海报设计中,我将铁人三项运动代入其中,试图通过平面设计的语言,将“30”分别匹配到骑行、游泳和跑步,让平常的事物展现其趣味的一面,弱化体育竞赛的刺激与紧张,力求呈现出兼具挑战与轻松的美感。


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