XueFuDao is a comprehensive education brand, focusing on providing exclusive and innovative education services for children aged 6-18, aiming to understand children from the perspective of children, respect each child’s unique personality, build a diversified learning environment, and integrate into modern family life and environment.

Starting from the vision of XueFuDao Education, we design a complete set of visual system in accordance with the brand name, taking the form of road signs as the starting point, and combining with the brand’s unique educational concept of “exploration, love education and having fun”. The covered logo, exclusive font, packaging, guide and all communication materials are oriented to make the audience feel more interesting and friendly.

Geometric figures are extracted from various road signs and designed into stickers, so that everyone can create their own notebooks, handbags or posters by using these stickers, just as the XueFuDao Education hopes that everyone should have their own unique personality.

Furthermore, a mobile application is designed for adults and children to participate in together. Our own image can freely designed by using geometric figures, and simple information is input to generate a unique picture to be shared and disseminated on social media, so as to improve the public participation.


学府道是一个综合型教育品牌,为 6 - 18 岁的少年儿童提供专属的创新型教育服务。以孩子的角度去理解孩子,尊重每个孩子的独特个性,构建出多元的学习环境,并融合到现代家庭生活与环境之中。





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