Award 360° 2021
100 Design of the Year

Award360° 100 is the annual design award organized by Design360°. Positioning itself in the Asian context, Award360° aspires to provide edging perspectives of design for the industry and society each year.

Through selecting 100 design pieces, Award360° intends to highlight the nuanced changes and implications of the future in the design industry each year. Award360° aims to recognize works of unique observation and critical thinking, encourage bold attempts to break boundaries and conventions, and deliver a new dynamic of the design experience.

Between the current practicality and future possibility, Award360° will explore the visual potential unseen or undefined together with the attendees.

Award360° 100 是由 Design360° 主办的年度设计奖。从亚洲语境出发,Award360° 希望每年都及时为行业与社会提供关于设计思考的新锐切入面。

通过评选出 100 件设计作品,Award360° 期望梳理设计行业每年的细微变化与其潜在趋势。Award360° 旨在关注那些有着独特见解与思辨的作品,去展现创作者在打破与拓宽固有经验上的勇气,以及传递全新设计体验的活力。

在当下的现实性与未来的探索性之间,Award360° 将与参赛者一起探寻那些未被看见与未被定义的视觉可能性。

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