The Value of Design Change

With the theme of “The Value of Design Change”, GDC Award 2019 focuses on the relations between design and commercial development, life style, social ecology, cultural expression, communication methods, and looks into the concrete results that generated by design, to name a few, the commercial development with better quality and vitality, the continuous and sustainable respect to the nature, the community integration via affinity and symbiosis, the development of local culture and the communication with more emotional experience.

GDC 2019 以 「The Value of Design Change:设计改变的价值」 为主题,着重关注 「设计」 与商业发展、生活方式、社会生态、文化表达、沟通方式的深层关系,以及设计介入之后,所带来的具体、真实的成果:更具品质与生命力的商业发展、持续可循环的自然尊重、亲和共生的社群融合、在地文化的发展与表达、更具情感的沟通体验。

GDC Award 2019 - Selected Award

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