Tokyo TDC
Annual Awards 2019

The Tokyo Type Directors Club (Tokyo TDC) was founded in 1987 to pursue the possibilities of visual expression of letters and/or words.

Tokyo TDC was granted Non-Profit making Organization (NPO) status by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in August 2006. The new organization will continue to abide by its original mission manifesto and organize the “Tokyo TDC Awards, ” an international design competition, and the “TDC Exhibition, ” a showcase of the winners of this competition, as well as issue the design annual book.

东京字体指导俱乐部(Tokyo TDC)始创于 1987 年,于 1990 年设立每年一度的东京字体指导俱乐部赏(TDC Annual Awards/东京字体指导俱乐部奖),2006 年被日本东京都政府授予非营利组织(NPO)地位。

东京 TDC 长期以来一直关注挑战视觉排版的定义与形式、字形和字体的所有关联图形设计,推动字体在印刷、广告(静态/动态)、出版和屏幕的应用与创新,同时也十分关注艺术指导者在企业品牌诉求时的品味、视觉沟通艺术及设计的主张。

Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2019 - Selected Award

十犬十美 项目获选优异赏

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