Wonderful Year

“Wonderful Year” is a New Year gift from the Shenzhen Dog Protection Association (SDPA). It consists of a badge and ten tea balls, placed in separate delicate pine box. The profits of each box sold will be used to help stray animals.

By deconstruction and reorganization of the brand’s English and Chinese names as well as geometric figures, it is a simple and eye-catching visual symbol that amazingly combine the “Wonderful Year” into one and form the funny dog image.

The visual image uses the wooden box as the carrier of content integrating the elements of characters and graphics to establish its own design language. With the application to a variety of conveyors, the visual extension of the whole set of design becomes richer and more complete, giving more possibilities for sales and promotion of the product.


“十犬十美” 是深圳市犬类保护协会(SDPA)推出的一款新年礼品,由徽章和茶球组成,各放置在纹理细腻的松木盒内,而每一盒的盈利都会用作帮助流浪动物。

通过将品牌中英文名和几何图形的解构与重组,巧妙的将 “十犬十美” 组合成一体,并延展出谐趣的狗狗形象,是个既简单又醒目的视觉符号。



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