As the most authoritative professional design yearbook in Asia-Pacific region, Asia-Pacific Design (APD) has been published 15 volumes by Sandu Publishing since 2005. APD aims at promoting design in Asia-Pacific Region and providing good opportunities for excellent designers to stand out. The key to the design is to get deep feelings and experiences by constantly observing life and participating in society, to find the best creative point. With the development of the times, more tools are used to transmit information. The technological innovation has also expanded the depth and breadth of design. And design has become more diverse.

A multi-level design ecological language is formed with the diversity of design. In 2020, under the subject of “Multivariate Integration of Design,” APD No. 16 will explore how designers seek innovative solutions and possibilities for social, economic, and technological issues, together with the efforts of famous designers all over the region.

《亚太设计年鉴》 是亚太地区首个专业设计年鉴,旨在促进各国设计师、设计机构参与国际间的文化交流,构筑设计与亚太之间的交流平台,为优秀设计师树立品牌契机。设计的关键之处在于发现,只有通过不断地观察生活和参与社会,才能获得深入的感受和体验,从而寻找最佳创意切入点。随着时代的发展,用来传递信息的工具越来越丰富,技术的革新也拓展了设计的深度和广度,设计变得更加多元化。

2020 年,《第十六届亚太设计年鉴》 再度联合世界各地知名设计师倾力打造经典巨作,以 “设计的多元融合” 为主题,褒奖亚太地区丰富多元文化背景下影响设计行业的最新创造和优秀案例。

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